its too hard for me

I tried but still the same ..
 you knows ,..
when you have a some feeling towards someone 
but he had someone else .
 yaa its hurt .
 im just trying to forget all about you but its failed .
its too hard
 you're really important to me ,
always besides me, always shared our problems , always make me calm , etc
 but dont worry dear 
one day
I'll be go out from your life
. even i know its not easy , i must do it .
but not now , 
my hearts still not ready yet 
my life incomplete without you
 you know,  im always waiting your msg . 

 yaa i hope u will always happy with "" .
just pray for me ,
thats i will meet someone better,
 yaa who knows .

 just keep me in your heart .
 you are too sweet and nice for me
its okay . 
 nobody know about this . 
nobody know what im feel right now
just ignore this entry

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